7 Features of Toxic Relationships: Why It’s Important To Know

Psychologists define a toxic relationship as “any relationship between people who support each other, where there is conflict, and one partner tends to suppress the other.” The following 7 significant signs tell if you are in a toxic relationship.

1. Lack of Support

Time spent together is no longer positive or conducive to your goals. Healthy relationships are based on a mutual desire to succeed in all areas of life. In a toxic relationship, any partner’s achievements become a competition, and this competitive spirit only grows. No matter what happens, you’re on your own.  Bebemur.com advises drawing your attention to this first feature.

2. Jealousy Attacks

There are times when jealousy can spice up a sexual relationship, but it’s one thing if it’s conscious or jokingly, and another if it’s serious and manic. It’s better to run away from jealous people — you don’t get freedom and psychological health in this affair!

3. Unwillingness to Discuss Problems

For example, you notice that your partner is snapping at you. You try to talk to him/her about it. But instead of listening to you, he/she says that you are “too sensitive,” “you need to grow up,” and just wrap things up once and for all. The manipulator always “knows better than you do.” He/She will easily convince you that something is wrong with you and leave you to deal with your misery. Remember, your thoughts and feelings are important, don’t let anyone diminish their importance.

4. Total Control

“Who are you talking to?”, “Where are you?” etc. First, your mate, these questions looking suspiciously at you, and then you get an app installed on your phone that tracks your movements. At first, you think it’s really nice, and you’re finally truly loved. But you soon realize that this relationship is toxic. Constant anxiety about where your “soulmate” is and his/her guilt won’t make anyone happier but can easily destroy your couple. Remember, everyone has a right to free space, his/her own circle of friends, and time for hobbies.

5. Your Partner Always Decides Everything in Your Stade

It seems so sweet at first! It also feels like a stone wall. For example, your man orders food for you at a restaurant and tells you what wine you will drink. After a while, at a party or dinner party, he answers the questions you were asked. As a result, instead of being an adult-formed person who has long been able to talk and wants to share experiences, you feel like an incompetent wordless puppet.

6. Aggression Is Always Compensated by Excessive Caring

The truth is, there are no circumstances that can justify aggression, nor are there actions that can make up for the moral harm done. If your lover first yells at you and then is full of tenderness, kisses, and hugs you, don’t relax, as it’s a sure sign of tyranny. The most unpleasant thing is that the positive actions will be less and less over time, and the number of complaints will increase more and more.

7. You Feel Weak-Willed to End These Ties

Victims often cannot find the strength to end a painful relationship, exhausted by constant mood swings, impossible demands, tantrums, and complaints. If you’ve lost the taste for life, put up with the difficult character of your partner, and don’t see much difference between staying with your loved one or leave him/her, then it’s time to take care of saving your own life. Believe that hoping this crisis will improve soon is false, and it’s probably time to end the love story while you are still able to realize it.