About Us

This publication, our aim is to promote local clubs and teams and highlight opportunities where women of all ages can get involved in playing, training, supporting and/or learning a new activity.  We want to give more exposure to women and girls in sports as well as promoting events, interviewing local athletes and encouraging anyone wanting help/guidance in pursuing a sporting career professionally.

I don’t believe that women and girls’ sports are publicised enough in our society and, as a father of a two-year-old daughter and proud uncle to three young nieces, I want them to have an equal opportunity to experience all types of sport and at all levels.

Participation in sport is recognised as playing an important role in promoting education, health, and individual development, regardless of a person’s gender, race, age, ability, religion, sexual orientation etc.  Yet, it was not until the London 2012 Olympic Games that a female athlete formed part of every competing country’s team.  The gender gap in sport, although closing, remains, due to biological differences affecting performance, but also influenced by reduced opportunity, social attitudes and political factors which impact on full female participation across a range of sports around the world.

WhyNotGirls!’ wants to help reduce that inequality by helping to promote local clubs, shout about local success stories and motivate women to participate in all types of sport.  There is a club, sporting opportunity, chance to train/learn/coach out there to suit everybody regardless of your age or ability and we want to help you find it and LOVE it.

I hope you join me on this journey and enjoy reading the new ‘WhyNotGirls!’ magazine.  If you have any information, stories, clubs or teams that you would like us to feature in our next issue, please get in touch info@whynotgirls.com