7 Features of Toxic Relationships: Why It’s Important To Know

Psychologists define a toxic relationship as “any relationship between people who support each other, where there is conflict, and one partner tends to suppress the other.” The following 7 significant signs tell if you are in a toxic relationship.

1. Lack of Support

Time spent together is no longer positive or conducive to your goals. Healthy relationships are based on a mutual desire to succeed in all areas of life. In a toxic relationship, any partner’s achievements become a competition, and this competitive spirit only grows. No matter what happens, you’re on your own.  Bebemur.com advises drawing your attention to this first feature.

2. Jealousy Attacks

There are times when jealousy can spice up a sexual relationship, but it’s one thing if it’s conscious or jokingly, and another if it’s serious and manic. It’s better to run away from jealous people — you don’t get freedom and psychological health in this affair!

3. Unwillingness to Discuss Problems

For example, you notice that your partner is snapping at you. You try to talk to him/her about it. But instead of listening to you, he/she says that you are “too sensitive,” “you need to grow up,” and just wrap things up once and for all. The manipulator always “knows better than you do.” He/She will easily convince you that something is wrong with you and leave you to deal with your misery. Remember, your thoughts and feelings are important, don’t let anyone diminish their importance.

4. Total Control

“Who are you talking to?”, “Where are you?” etc. First, your mate, these questions looking suspiciously at you, and then you get an app installed on your phone that tracks your movements. At first, you think it’s really nice, and you’re finally truly loved. But you soon realize that this relationship is toxic. Constant anxiety about where your “soulmate” is and his/her guilt won’t make anyone happier but can easily destroy your couple. Remember, everyone has a right to free space, his/her own circle of friends, and time for hobbies.

5. Your Partner Always Decides Everything in Your Stade

It seems so sweet at first! It also feels like a stone wall. For example, your man orders food for you at a restaurant and tells you what wine you will drink. After a while, at a party or dinner party, he answers the questions you were asked. As a result, instead of being an adult-formed person who has long been able to talk and wants to share experiences, you feel like an incompetent wordless puppet.

6. Aggression Is Always Compensated by Excessive Caring

The truth is, there are no circumstances that can justify aggression, nor are there actions that can make up for the moral harm done. If your lover first yells at you and then is full of tenderness, kisses, and hugs you, don’t relax, as it’s a sure sign of tyranny. The most unpleasant thing is that the positive actions will be less and less over time, and the number of complaints will increase more and more.

7. You Feel Weak-Willed to End These Ties

Victims often cannot find the strength to end a painful relationship, exhausted by constant mood swings, impossible demands, tantrums, and complaints. If you’ve lost the taste for life, put up with the difficult character of your partner, and don’t see much difference between staying with your loved one or leave him/her, then it’s time to take care of saving your own life. Believe that hoping this crisis will improve soon is false, and it’s probably time to end the love story while you are still able to realize it.

Top 5 Ideas of Sports for Couples

If you want to go far, you need to go together. A lot of articles have been written about the advantages of doing sports with a partner, and this makes a lot of sense both for sports results and for your relationship. Why is it a good idea? How exactly should this be done? What exercises are optimal, what new opportunities will you have? What to do as a couple?

What Are the Benefits of Doing Sport Together?

There are many reasons to play sports together. For example, this is just a good way to spend time. As we are all busy with work, other affairs, and problems, a workout is something in the daily routine that can’t be missed. 

If you’ve managed to find a wife who loves sports, you are lucky because you have one common hobby. Couples become more friendly and united thanks to their results during the process. It is also a great motivation not to miss workouts. No one wants to look weak in the eyes of a loved one whose opinion is important.

It always brings people together. You develop good qualities in your couple and build the right life guidelines. Together you change your bodies, strengthen your health and temper your spirit. In addition, you will begin to understand your partner better since the way of thinking in life is manifested in sports. What could be better?

Which Sport for Two to Choose? 

It is not only the path to a beautiful body and good health but also a great way to spend time with each other, add something new to the relationship and become even closer.


This is one of the best outdoor hobbies for couples. Playing tennis together, you will play against your partner, and this will give you a chance, firstly, to discharge at the end of a hard-working day, and secondly, to bring some positive emotions. We are convinced that any relationship needs it.


If we are talking about sports for couples, then it is also recommended paying attention to squash. It can be practiced in specially equipped gyms, which can be found in almost every city. For this, you will need rackets and balls that you can rent. Squash is a very fast sport that burns a lot of calories and builds the muscles of the whole body.


These fun physical activities for couples are perhaps the most popular among the inhabitants of the planet. It requires neither costs, nor a clear schedule, nor incredible physical preparation. Doing athletics, you and your partner can share how your day went (observing proper breathing, of course) and cheer each other up.


It is magnificent in its simplicity, elegance, and affordability. Badminton can always be taken with you for a walk in the park, and it will turn your date into a fun adventure. A green lawn, a pair of rackets and a shuttlecock – badminton remains the cheapest and most popular sport. By the way, a game of badminton burns about 370 calories per hour.


If you don’t have your own bikes, you can probably rent them in a nearby park. It’s better to do bike rides every night with a partner to build muscle, burn calories, talk about how the day went, and see something new in a city. Secondly, such a trip can be a great pastime because you can stop for a cup of coffee, buy ice cream or just have a picnic in the park.

Can Sports Build Relationships? 

Regular exercises are more beneficial than you imagine. It improves your physical condition, mental abilities, and even relationships. At first glance, it seems that sports and relationships have nothing in common, but with more in-depth study, several trends emerge.

For example, fear to go beyond your own comfort zone can ruin not only family and personal relationships (and again you will have to look for the soulmate sites like this one ) but also your career. Attending classes for couples to do together, you will learn that you can go beyond your capabilities. In relationships, it is important to be able to go beyond the zone of your comfort, look at the conflict situation through the eyes of another person.

Sports make people stronger physically and mentally. Strong people don’t limit thinking to personal problems, they are ready and able to empathize, help people around, especially their loved ones. Through sports, you learn what real fatigue, the bitterness of defeat and the joy of victory are. You will be able to fully support loved ones and be happy for them.

How to Offer Joint Sports to Your Partner 

Almost all of us have own idea of what the partner of our dreams should be. All these ideas, of course, are significantly different from each other. But there is one common line – we like athletic people who have nice shapes. And that is understandable.

1. Hints

First, you need to hint at the need for sports, but don’t do it rudely as your partner may be very vulnerable, susceptible, and touchy. Many can’t be positive about constructive criticism. Rough and harsh comments forever discourage the desire to play sports, as well as lead to the fact that the person can be offended and ceases to communicate with you. Or you can show your partner nice couples sports so that your loved one has a desire to be like them. 

2. Personal example

This is considered a more effective way than simple persuasion. A personal example motivates much more – if you start exercising, your soulmate becomes uncomfortable (what if you decide to break up because you are so nice, and they are so lazy). Well, they begin to do everything with their loved one so as not to lose them. Also, sports will allow you to heal the body and have fun together. 

3. Share impressions

If you are already involved in sports, then you can share with your partner impressions of the time spent and sports achievements. Also, you can tell about other people visiting the same gym (or any other place), about their achievements and results. But, the main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, instead of interest, you can cause banal jealousy.

4. Change your lifestyle

To offer joint sports, sometimes you don’t need to make much effort, you can just change your lifestyle. Start moving more and take action, and your partner will want to do the same. In the evenings, choose a path together for hiking, on weekends start rollerblading or cycling, go to the ice rinks, a swimming pool, and game events where you need to move a lot. 

5. Enlist arguments in this regard

If you want to be an active couple, tell your partner about the fact that sport contributes both to the overall healing of the body and solving specific problems. For example, according to some sources, regular exercises reduce the risk of developing cancer by 50% (including breast cancer) and hypertension by 20%, stroke, diabetes, and many other diseases that a person may not even think about.   Competitive couples are the strongest. Almost all people will agree to offers of this kind and will be happy to engage in sports with their soulmates. Interesting physical activities for couples give you a chance to involve your loved one in sports and spend time not only with benefit but also with pleasure.

Tips for Shopping for Couples

What couples do together? Well, as an option, they can go shopping. As you know, women do it often. However, men have recently begun to devote more time to shopping too. So, according to statistics, more than half of men update their wardrobe at least once a month. In search of a nice sweater or shirt, they can spend several hours in the shop. 

But still, many people don’t like to go shopping with their partners, and it doesn’t matter whether it is a grocery or clothing store.

Why Sometimes Couples Do Not Want to Go Shopping Together 

Some people don’t want to do couple shopping because they are getting bored. This is a major factor. Sometimes their significant others want to try on everything that is in the store, although they are not going to buy it – they just like the process. After all, you can buy couple clothes online, without leaving the house.

Many people don’t know how to plan a shopping budget. They spend more than necessary. This also can be a reason to stay home. 

And, of course, there is no desire to go shopping together because one of the partners may think that his or her loved one can easily cope with this alone. This is a good reason to devote time to yourself while your partner is not at home (some men are even trying single moms dating this time).

How to Invite Your Partner to Go Shopping 

If you want to invite your soulmate to do shopping together, then you can do this as follows. 

Find the right time

Before you say, “Come shopping with me,” make sure that your partners have neither work nor personal problems – no shopping will cheer them up. And if you know for sure that he or she has some problems, don’t insist on a joint trip to the store. Choose a time when your loved one will have a day off and will be in a good mood. This is a good time to take your soulmate shopping.

Inform in advance which stores you plan to visit

Don’t test the patience of the person who neglected personal plans for your sake. It will hardly be easier for someone to survive the extra hour of “shopping-euphoria.” So, make a clear plan for your partner to be ready for couple shopping together.

Say that your partner’s opinion is important 

It should be explained to the partners that their opinion is important since their knowledge of something will help in choosing. You can go shopping intriguing and saying that you want to look for couples stuff to buy for your intimate life. 

Promise an unexpected gift 

Have you noticed that your loved one liked a pair of shoes or a belt in one of the shops? Buy it even if you didn’t plan! There are people who constantly say that they don’t need anything. So, this gesture of your goodwill will be so pleasant. 

Turn shopping into entertainment

Don’t forget about entertainment on shopping, it is important not to focus on acquiring purchases. At this moment, you can have fun together, for example, visit a movie theater, ice rink or water park. In any case, the time spent will be great for both, and it will not be boring to go for new clothes. 

Which Stores Are Best to Avoid During Shopping Together? 

When you go to the store together, it’s best for you to immediately understand that there are those that are better to attend individually or even avoid them at all.

For example, for women, it is better not to take the man to the lingerie store, even if you want to hear his opinion on this or that set. Firstly, the man will feel awkward, and secondly, all the girls around will not be glad that the man might inadvertently look into their fitting room.

As for men, they shouldn’t take their girls to purely men’s places such as fishing, hunting or any kind of men’s gadget stores. For you, it is as a separate world where you can relax, and the girl will quickly get bored there and begin to whine that it is time to go to another store. 

How Shopping Can Improve Relationships 

If you think that shopping is continuous torment, then this is not so. To some extent, couples shopping helps even strengthen your relationship. Don’t you believe? Take a look at these arguments.

Joint purchases spice up relationships

It is a kind of technique to become closer to each other. For example, if a woman wants to choose the next blouse, then she should take a man with her under the pretext that she will show him every piece of clothes that she tries on, except for underwear from the latest collection and sexy jeans. This should interest him.

Good time

According to couples therapy tips, shopping shouldn’t be an ordinary purchase of the necessities of life. Let it be a pleasant pastime. For example, plan a trip to the cinema after shopping or something extreme. In large shopping centers, you can always find a lot of entertainment. 

Shopping is an occasion to get to know each other better

…even if you live together quite a lot. By choosing certain objects, giving preference to certain things, we reveal our character. Listen to your shopping partner. Thus, you just learn his or her preferences.

This is the main secret of harmony

When you go shopping together, you consider each other allies and work together to strengthen relationships. It seems that there is nothing simpler than this, but when two completely different people with different worldviews and perceptions of the world do something together, it can be quite difficult to take into account the interests of one of the parties, while not infringing on the other.

You discuss your budget 

Sex and money are topics that often cause scandals. And if you go shopping together, it means that you can agree on the waste of money and have a clearly planned budget. So, there is no reason to quarrel. 

Tips for Easy Shopping Together 

For women, shopping is excitingly interesting, while for men, shopping is terribly tiring and vice versa. And, therefore, you need to compromise.

Be supportive 

For some people, shopping is just buying new clothes. They go to the store, buy and leave. However, for their loved ones, a store or two really mean something. Perhaps they relax there. Maybe that’s how they get rid of stress.

Be patient

Consider this as a joint pastime. Just think that this is another opportunity to become closer to each other. Even if you go shopping, talk to your partner, hold each other’s hand, show that you are interested in them. The more you show what interests you, the more mature and sexier you look in a partner’s eyes. That’s cool. 

Lie sometimes

For shopping to succeed, you sometimes need to lie. For example, you don’t know how to tell your partner that this T-shirt is terrible? First, give a compliment to something else, and then offer to try on a different t-shirt because it looks better as it emphasizes their perfect body.

Make sure you’re talking about the same thing

Before taking your partner to shop, find out your partner’s opinion on this matter. Maybe he or she doesn’t want it that much. Many people like to go shopping alone, and there are many reasons for this.

Remember about self-control

When your partner chooses something when you are at a couples shop, don’t disturb your loved one by advice at this moment. Most likely, your soulmate prefers to receive information from professionals.  So, for some people, shopping is more fun, a way of spending time and leisure than anything else. All this is due to the fact that they are able to enjoy the process of choosing and making purchases and want to involve you in this pleasant pastime.